The story so far…

My group has been doing really well thus far with the final project. Our two biggest milestones that we have accomplished are the pre-production and production standpoint of our project.

  1. Pre-Production : Our group was very organized and communicative during the pre-production process of our project. We looked at various examples of past projects on YouTube and critiqued them together so that we had a better understanding of what we wanted to adapt or change for our project.We created a group chat and Google Doc where we began brainstorming the different ways of approaching our project. We created a script and storyboard, made revisions, and edited anything we thought was necessary. Overall this part of the creative process went really well and every member contributed to the process.
  2. Production : We finished filming! This was a very productive day for us. Since we had a good understanding of what we wanted to film (thanks to our pre-production planning) we were able to effectively plan and shoot our project. I gathered video equipment, Lily did research on our cluster and contacted Career Services, and Gabe acted in the part. We woke up early one morning and were able to shoot everything we needed to in about 2 hours. We were happy to get this out of the way before break because we knew people’s schedules would begin to get busy.


We do however have a few hurdles coming our way: the paper and post-production.

  1. With finals right around the corner it is going to get hectic when wanting to coordinate with everyone’s schedule. Everyone will be very busy in the next few weeks so we really need to manage our time wisely. The paper is also a long one so we’ll have to split it up between everyone so that we all play a part.
  2. Post-production will probably take the most time out of all of the steps. With editing, color correcting, audio, etc. it will definitely take a little more time than the rest.

Creative Commons

When working on a low budget production it is common to run into many obstacles that restrict you from getting the perfect shot or appropriate song. For example, if a scene takes place at a beach the best way to establish that is a nice birds eye view of the shore line, but what if I do not have a drone or lens narrow enough to capture that shot? A great alternative to this issue is Creative Commons.


Creative Commons is a site that allows you to search services and use them for free. You can get anything from pictures, songs, videos, etc. This is a convenient and costless alternative and allows you to not worry about spending extra money on equipment that are made to achieve specific shots. This site could be really useful to my classmates and I because not everyone is super experienced in video production nor does everyone have the right equipment necessary. Creative Commons is a great way of achieving a project with little practice of the skill.

Final Group Project

I’m very excited to work with my team because I think that we bring a lot of different creative strengths to the table. I’m a videographer, Gabe is a photographer, and Lily is a journalist so I think we can all contribute something great to the project. My team decided we would cover the “Arts, Communications, and Entertainment” cluster of Career Services because it seemed to be the most interesting of the bunch.


The creative direction that I hope our project takes is “showing” rather than “telling”. Since there is a visual component to the project I would like the viewer to really capture the essence of Career Services by a variety of b-roll shots as oppose to just having a person sitting in-front of a camera getting interviewed and telling the viewer about the resources available. Due to the fact that we will be covering a cluster that is heavily revolved around creativity I do not think it will be hard for us to demonstrate it visually. We want to incorporate a point of view perspective of a student that is trying to understand and figure out the process of choosing their own career. I intend to reflect our creativity on the storyboard by first brainstorming on what we think would catch student’s attention, laying out possible scenarios, and then drawing them on the storyboard with brief explanations.

Midterm Blogs.

My process for creating bellastravelguide was to incorporate a hobby I enjoyed. I chose traveling because it is something I have done since I was young and continue to do, so I already had a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject. I decided to base the entire blog on my tips/advice on where to travel to and how to go about doing it.

My first blog post was going to give a tip on a location to visit. I decided to pick a place that I thought would be appealing and possible for anyone to travel to, specifically aspiring travelers. I decided to showcase Princeton, NJ as the first location because it is an awesome town that has many attractions. Since I was born and raised in Princeton I knew I could provide a lot of content for my viewers to engage in. I decided to make a list of “5 Reasons You Should Visit Princeton” and included the fact that it’s historic, easy to get to, has great food, has beautiful architecture, and has many things to do within the town. I elaborated on each fact, gave examples, and provided pictures so that the viewers could actually visualize the town.

When thinking about the video portion of the midterm I knew that I had to incorporate a lot of creativity because I wanted it to “show” not “tell” the viewer about the town. I made a highlight video of the town of Princeton and some of the attractions it has to offer. I chose to not include a voiceover or title slides throughout the video because I wanted the viewer to focus on the footage and music. My hope was that the viewer would watch the video and think “that’s a place I want to visit.”

My Midterm Blog

My Top 5 Favorite Midterm Blogs

  1. How Does Your Garden Grow My favorite thing about this blog was the layout and color scheme.  The green earthy tones went hand in hand with the theme, gardening. It is clear, easy to navigate, and organized, which is something I always look for in a website. I liked that the blogger made separate sections for perennials, annuals, and cacti and gave a detailed explanation for each of them. Someone like me, who is pretty unexperienced in the gardening game, found it very helpful to have a break down of the different types of flowers and tips for gardening.
  2. The Climb I was intrigued by the website from the moment I read the title because it works great with the topic of the blog, hiking. As a hiker myself, I was really excited to see that the blogger included different aspects of hiking into her posts. Her first post is a product review of dried food often used in a hiker’s experience. I thought this was great because aspects like snacks/food are generally overlooked by spiring hikers, but crucial during a long and tiresome hike. The second post was celebrating the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service with a beautifully put video. This was awesome because the blogger honored a huge contributor that makes it possible for people to hike.
  3. FernwayPress My favorite part of this blog are the pictures, hands down. The shots and the way they are edited are so aesthetically pleasing, which is something really important in a blog. I also appreciate the way that this blogger writes. He has a very personal, comforting, and humorous way of connecting with the audience through writing. The video created for the midterm was unlike most video’s I watched. It was very artistic and tied perfectly with the blog. Overall really impressed with this blog and one that I would definitely follow after the class.
  4. Seas the Day I may have been a little biased towards this blog because it also incorporated traveling, but I really enjoyed it. I love that the blogger wrote about her experiences and then included tips at the bottom of every post. The section under “resources” was also very helpful because it included resources for anyone ranging from experienced traveler to aspiring traveler. The best part about this blog was definitely the video. I love that it was all footage from the blogger’s travels because it made it a lot more personal and enjoyable.
  5. One Girl, Big World Two things in the “about me” section drew me to this blog: traveling and budgeting. As college students we are always trying to find ways in which we can save ourselves a few bucks. I think it is awesome that this blogger decided to incorporate these two aspects together because it will draw a very specific target audience. I appreciated the “events” section of this blog because it gave many options to the reader as far as where to go travel to, especially for college students in the tristate area (again catering to the target audience).


My experience with editing this video was pretty easy because I am used to video production, however, I did have some trouble cutting the video down to 2 minutes. It was hard to compare both blogs and thoroughly explain 5 pros and 5 cons. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage because I find it simpler and easier to use than iMovie. For those of you who thought iMovie was difficult to understand I recommend watching a tutorial on Premiere Pro and playing around with it … if you have access to the Creative Cloud. You can watch my video by clicking the link below.

Check out my Video here!

Video games can be very engaging and educational for any ages. Just recently I met the co-founder of a virtual reality arcade here in Somerset by the name of ArcaneReality. Virtual Reality refers to computer technologies that use software to generate images, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a real environment. They have many different experiences but eventually their goal is to create various situations/games that allow people to learn. For example, human cadavers are used by surgeons to practice their skill but with virtual reality ArcaneReality hopes to eliminate that need. The co-founder described to me that they would have a virtual human body and that if the surgeon messed up the program would stop, tell the surgeon what went wrong, and then reset to the beginning. This is just one of the few example that he spoke about but it really opened up my eyes to the possibilities that video gaming/computer technologies can have on education.


Even now a days I see so many different applications for iPhones and iPads to teach people new skills. I use this application called Duolingo that teaches you different languages through games and tests. It has various levels and sends notifications every day to remind you to practice the language so that eventually you can master it. I highly reccommend it to anyone looking to learn a new language. I started learning Portuguese and so far it has helped me a lot.



Click here to listen to my podcast!

Producing my podcast took a bit longer than I expected it would. I am pretty unfamiliar with Garageband so it took some time for me to play around with the different buttons to really grasp a better understanding. Once I got the hang of it though I was really happy with the outcome of my podcast because the quality of the sound was decent and it ended up being easier than I originally thought. I see a lot of similarity between video editing and audio editing which I thought was pretty cool!

I analyzed two videos this week; the first was “The Gate-re:View” on and the second was “Top 5 Best Ben Affleck Performances” on


One thing that I noticed that redletter did in their video was incorporate different camera angles. There was a nice long shot of the two hosts facing one another while talking as well as various medium shots of each individual host. Throughout the video they included plenty of b-roll and pictures to give viewers a visual of the topics they were talking about, which I think is really important to do because it can get very boring just watching people talk for an extensive period of time. They did a great job of cutting out any unnecessary talk or silences in post production because the general flow of the video was very fluid. As far as audio goes, the sound was very clear because both hosts were using LAVs. Lavs are great when conducting an interview because they capture people’s voices really well.


Channelawesome did a few things differently in their video than redletter. For starters they had one host and one camera angle the entire length of the video. When there is just one subject I do not think it is completely necessary to have different camera angles but I also do not see how it could hurt. This video also incorporated a lot of clips of the different performances that Ben Affleck has been a part of which really helps the viewer understand the context of which the host is talking about. The host was also using a LAV for audio which was, again, great because it produced clear audio. One thing I noticed that channelawesome did differently was cut from host to b-roll to picture, whereas redletter would overlap a lot of its content which became a little distracting.

Audio Editing.

I always make sure to bring my camera to document my travels around the world but when I sit down to edit I always find that the hardest part is choosing a song that will fit with the feel of the video. The easiest way to go about it is choosing a popular song from the location visited but then that starts to get complicated with copyright laws and what not. To avoid that complication I think learning about audio editing could really help when choosing a song because I can just create my own!

My housemates performing in New Brunswick, NJ.

The beauty of audio editing is that you can mix all different types of music which is useful for this particular hobby of mine because every country, culture, or community has its own unique music that can be a combination of various styles and sounds. In the picture below my friends were hanging out in Colorado where the vibes were very mellow and relaxing. They were able to interpret those feelings and create a song which I was able to use in my highlight video of Colorado to really encompass our trip.

Steve and Jake jamming in Vail, CO.